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AUTOLift3000 was developed to more effectively work on vehicles. AUTOLift3000 can be found in more than 20 countries. Our main goal is to develop other unique products using our innovative technology that assists our customers who want to work on their vehicles.


Custom production

Additional production

Apart from our original ideas, we also develop other products that are designed to help our customers work with less complications. We develop new lifting equipment and also other accessories for our long-term partners. We have a passion for development!


Seicar products

SEICAR product distribution

Thanks to our long-term relationship, we cooperate with SEICAR and import their original products, primarily for paint shops and body shops.



Newcomer of the year Up&Down 3000

31. 8. 2017

We have decided to offer the “little brother” of our key product, AUTOLift3000. Up&Down3000 is based on demand for a smaller and cheaper product, but with the same lift capacity. 

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Our story, our visions



Similarly to many ideas that arise while working, sometimes you find that you need something that is not offered on the market. This is essentially how our company was born. 

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