Car stand

A simple foldable support stand. Thanks to its dimensions it is storage and does not take up space in the garage. The stand height is up to 100 cm. Used to save the vehicle or lock the vehicle in horizontal position when using AUTOLift3000. Thanks to its sturdy design, you can rely on it at the bottom of the vehicle.

Rails for uneven surface

Simple assemble ensure the use of AUTOLift3000 on several types of uneven surfaces such as stones, gravel, dice, clay, but also suitable for use on asphalt, tiles, wood, etc. The rails are recommended to be used in all situations when lifting the ATOLift3000.

Beam pads

If the vehicle's thresholds are not in good condition, we recommend to use the pads under the vehicle's thresholds. Can be used on older vehicle types.

Mechanical handle

It is suitable for all products. That is, AUTOLift3000, Up & Down, EASYLift1500. In the situation of back out. When electricity is dropped down and you are unable to handle the jack using a drill, a mechanical handle can be used.

Hand-held electric drill

Hand-held electric drill 230V  750W 

Drill adapter

It is necessary to work with all jacks. That is AUTOLift3000, Up & Down, EASYLift1500. The attachment is simply mounted and the drill is secured and ready for use.

Adaptér pod kolo

This is the basic adapter for the EASYLift 1500. This adapter is suitable for lifting a vehicle on any wheel. 

Adaptér na kouli tažného zařízení

Another adapter for EASYLift1500. If the vehicle is equipped with a towing device and it is needed to lift the rear of the vehicle, nothing more suitable than this adapter. When using it, it is necessary to secure the vehicle with speed.

Adaptér pro motocykl

Another EASYLift1500 lifting adapter for off-road motorcycles. It is advisable to use the oil drain tank from the motorcycle to the adapter.