Smart Painting Table will make you work easy and effective

Portable table for paint shops that provides easy accessibility to paint all parts of vehicle. It is a unique product, which can handle multiple components at once and it is a functional product for daily use. SMART PAINTING TABLE is patented and produced by AUTOLIFT PRODUCTION Ltd. It consists of three parts: upper table, Adjustable (telescopic) table leg and a cross with four wheels for easy movement.


Technical parameters

Table length 72 cm / 28.50 lbs
Table width

40 cm / 15.75 inch

Table high 70 - 130 cm / 27.50 - 51 inch
Maximum capacity 80 kg / 176.50 lbs




  • 2x adapters for bumpers
  • 4x adaptors for fenders
  • 2x big tongs
  • 2x small tongs
  • 2x mirror holders
  • 2x adjustable extensions in order to extend the high of the particular adapter for simple use

The biggest advantages 

  • Multifunction - can be used for painting different parts of vehicle
  • Effectiveness - will make painting faster and easier as it is possible to paint more parts at once
  • Storage and flexible - when table is not needed, it is easy to fold the table in small box


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