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Each firm providing some services gotta have individual strategies how to raise the frequency or to be more specific, the number of clients. That's clear. Reading between the lines and having a glance over a lots of factors involved, it all comes down to the same. When desired quality of service achieved, you get in a battle with the time. The clock becomes the opponent to beat. Time is money. If you speed up you are on a track leading to progress. Now, that's where you as an entrepreneur wanna be!

Mr. Jiři Jeřábek, 20 years ago, caught himself in the position where he whether was about to shape up or ship out. After giving some thought to it, it seemed like a solution to purchase a device which would make his job less time-consuming. Seemingly, he was barking up the wrong tree, because such a tool just didn't exist. Outta pure necessity he had relied on his own creativity and made up a helper for a lifetime, appearing to be the best thing ever since sliced bread. Not only that the installation of pulling devices and exhausts got faster in his own garage but the word got quickly spreaded and the beans had to be spilled.

Having to work with it for a while he saw the potential and had to give it a chance. It didn't take much time to make a decision so he swap to being a producer of his own car lift hoping that it will be useful to the others in the same manner like it was to him.

Indeed, nothing happens over the night. It took hustle and serious efforts of the whole team working for Mr. Jeřábek to hit the sales in Europe. AUTOLift3000, being a top seller in its category, set some standards and naturally started dealing with the first copies… One by one they were occasionally showing up on some local markets available for public purchase. Widely known, you can not really compare apples to oranges… but regardless, we weren't lazy so we bought six of these “Wanna be AUTOLift3000” for a test. Briefly said… if you stand for the quality as we do, and if you care for your own safety enough, YOU DO NOT WANT TO BUY SOMETHING JUST LOOKING SIMILAR TO OUR PRODUCT! The devil is in the details. On the other hand if you do plan to do so, you are definitely outta range of our interest when it comes to potential customers.

A message for all of you guys who choose smartly: In a package with the best mechanical lift in the world you will also get packed functionality, diversity, indestructibility, impeccability, safety… and that's not all. Moreover, you will get THE ORIGINAL! A unique, reliable, two-generation product. The best value for the money. And we on the other hand, we will get a satisfaction for making one more customer happy in a row...