Zpět na seznam novinek

Have you ever experienced that kind of crunch time, that specific moment when you simply had to take an action towards unknown and on the other hand lay everything else you've been working on in your life on the line?

If the answer is yes, you know very well how it feels. You get fear overwhelmed. It gets so realistic and immense that you could almost touch it. Standing at the crossroads, the choices we make and the steps we take can define the rest of our lives. It did define hers definitely.

Barbora Jeřábková found herself in this position years ago when her dad got seriously injured and ended up in coma. Back then he had been running the company which was destined to get shut down. What else in the moment like this?

Active student of French language and literature in that time, couldn't stand the fact that everything her dad has been fighting for all of his life vanishes just like that. Ever since she was a little girl she was hanging around the garage and helping out. It made her feel useful and entertained at the same time. Over the night she had given up on her studies and took over the family business. Manufacture of spare parts for numerous companies and mainly assembly of towing equipment and exhausts for passenger cars continued under her control. She was drawn into it more and more each single day which was passing by. She has had the wind at her back after completing each little task.

As a person who has never been satisfied with the average, she wanted and dreamed more. Nevertheless, her father thought it was a too heavy burden to carry for a young woman. Soon afterwards (2015) he suggests to her to stop the activity and sell the facilities with all the equipment, ignoring her vision of exporting AUTOLift3000 abroad. This specific product was invented 1991 by Mr. Jiři Jeřabek in his garage in Velké Meziříčí, (Czech Republic) with the idea of speeding up the daily working routine. His daughter was aware that she was holding a rough diamond in her hands, and after an analytic contemplation on the matter she had decided that stepping away is the last option, regardless of the fact she knew that her journey wasn't going to be easy. She has believed firmly that the quality deserves to get recognized.

Today she can proudly say that her stellar product AUTOLift3000 was sold and made the job easier in more than 10 000 garages in different countries. About herself she thinks she isn't much of a gambler, but said she just had to put everything on a dice.

Seems like this lady found her spot in the men's automotive world. And she doesn't plan to rest. Not as long as her dad's invention doesn't hit the sales worldwide. She is tireless, motivated and extremely devoted. People say it is a quite good base for success...