Practical usage    

  • Repairs –  various typical mechanical activities on vehicles

  • Car enthusiasts - an ideal helper for every home garage

  • Quick tire changing – useful for tire changing enterprises

  • Marketing activities – Original display in car showrooms, car dealers, at trade fairs, it’s useful and advantageous to advertise cars

  • Suitable for hand washing - water and moisture resistant

Technical specifications

Lift capacity 6614 lbs / 3 000 kg
Dimensions  1420 × 300 × 130 mm

56 x 12 x 6 inch

Weight 19 kg / 42 lbs
Height capacity  58 cm / 23 inch
Lift speed 25 - 30 s

Up&Down3000 is recommended for - car service, tire service, home car repair and car enthusiasts, hand car washes, marketing activities



The biggest advantages of Up&Down3000

  • Can be used in smaller spaces - No extra space needed, other than immediately around the car
  • Easy handling - lifting equipment is portable, easy to move
  • It does not require any revision - unlike different kind of lifts
  • Completely maintenance-free - regular service is not needed
  • Water resistant - does not contain any wiring or hydraulics


More about Up&Down3000

This product was developed based on inquiries from car enthusiasts. It is suitable for home garages, and indeed as an optional lifting jack for professional service. 

Up&Down is the newest product of 2017

The greatest advantage of this clever, little helper is the possibility of lifting a car at any solid and sturdy point of the chassis. The vehicle can therefore be lifted behind the front and rear axle reinforcements.


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