AUTOLift 3000

For enthusiasts & professional car mechanics

Light and portable car lift

Weight only 99 lbs / 45 kg

Tilting car lift

Provides access to various parts of vehicle

Strong & portable car lift

Applicable for 95% of passenger cars


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Including all accessories

AUTOLift 3000

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Rails for uneven surface

Simple assemble ensure the use on several types of uneven surfaces such as stones, gravel, dice, clay, but also suitable for use on asphalt, tiles, wood, etc. The rails are recommended to be used in all situations when lifting the lift.

Car stand

A simple foldable support stand. Thanks to its dimensions it is storage and does not take up space in the garage. The stand height is up to 100 cm. Used to save the vehicle or lock the vehicle in horizontal position when using this portable car lift. Thanks to its sturdy design, you can rely on it at the bottom of the vehicle.

Wall holder

Hang your lifter on the wall when it is not needed. Installation is very easy, holder includes 4 holes for 4 screws. 

Ring Under Bonnet Lamp

The Ring Under Bonnet Lamp is lightweight, adjustable and suitable to mount on any vehicle. With three levels of light output, a 40° adjustable head and 60° wide angle illumination, those relying on the tool can be confident that they will have the greatest levels of visibility.

Beam pads

If the vehicle's thresholds are not in good condition, we recommend to use the pads under the vehicle's thresholds. Can be used on older vehicle types.

Mechanical handle

It is suitable for all products. In the situation of back out. When electricity is dropped down and you are unable to handle the jack using a drill, a mechanical handle can be used.

Drill Starline GV HL-DL1175

Technical parameters:

Power consumption: 1050W
Tension: ~ 230V/50HZ 
No idle speed: 0 - 1200/0 - 3200 ot./min
Max. clamping diameter of the chuck: 13 mm
Drill weight: 5.95 lbs / 2.7 kg


For every garage

Small & portable car lift

Extremely light: only 42 lbs / 19 kg 

Enormous lifting capacity

6614 lbs / 3000 kg lifting capacity

Practical for every car mechanic

Very easy to use

For small garages

Completely maintenance-free

Free Shipping throughout USA

Get the unit to your door free
of shipping charge in whole USA!


Portable post car lift

Multifunctional car lift

Four adapters to lift your car

Robust & Portable lift

Long-lasting and proper. On the other hand easy to move and handle

Free Shipping throughout USA

Get the unit to your door free
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Spray all at once


2x adaptors for bumpers
4x adaptors for fenders
2x big tongs
2x small tongs
2x mirror holders
2x adjustable extensions

Twice awarded at trade fairs

SEMA Show in Las Vegas
EQUIP AUTO in Madrid


Free Shipping throughout USA

Get the unit to your door free
of shipping charge in whole USA!


Just unfold it

Makes your work easy

For paint shops and body shops, suitable for daily use. Designed to get as functional as possible.

Offers the possibility of laying all vehicle parts onto it prior comfortable painting of them.

Free Shipping throughout USA

Get the unit to your door free
of shipping charge in whole USA!



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Our longterm partners that we are proud of are: Renault, distributor's network LKQ, distributor Seicar. We were awarded at SEMA Show in Las Vegas and EquipAuto in Madrid.


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Custom production

Custom production


We are aware that we've reached the top with our best-seller. It brings satisfaction but also motivation to keep moving forward and successively deliver new innovations. We always strive to give as much as possible to our customers. Lead by a passion for development we tend to make your work effortless. Additionally to it all we can proudly say that our long term partners get their accessories manufactured by us.




The only producer of the world’s most unique portable lift

The main purpose of portable car lift AUTOLift3000 and the reason why it was developed in the first place is to increase effectiveness when it comes to work on vehicles. It can be found in over 60 countries. Our goal is to assist our customers the most possible using innovative technology while creating their job easier. 






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Each firm providing some services gotta have individual strategies how to raise the frequency or to be more specific, the number of clients. That's clear. Reading between the lines and having a glance over a lots of factors involved, it all comes down to the same. When desired quality of service achieved, you get in a battle with the time. The clock becomes the opponent to beat. Time is money. If you speed up you are on a track leading to progress. Now, that's where you as an entrepreneu...


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Our portbale car lift was born similarly to many ideas which arise while working when you lack for something which market hasn't offered yet. This vision set the foundation for a birth of our company. Ever since then we have been striving to be at the leading edge of technological development.

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