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The RIGHT tilting car jack for every professional or car enhusiast's garage.

Light & Portable

Weights only 99 lbs / 45 kg

Tilting & Multifunctional

Provides access to all parts of a vehicle, applicable for 95% of unibody passenger cars

High Capacity & Quality

Lifting capacity of 6614 lbs / 3000 kg, the highest quality materials used with long lasting tradition

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Small car jack for every garage

Handy & Light

Small dimensions and lightness: weighs only 42 lbs / 19 kg

Enormous Lifting Capacity & Strength

High lifting capacity 6614 lbs / 3000 kg, durable construction

Usefulness & Functionality

Convenient tool for very small garages or fast services

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easylift 1500


Portable post car lift

Multifunctional & Portable

4 different adapters for different types of use, quality caster wheels

Robust & Reliable

Robust structure, reliable and carefully tested mechanical lifting system

For Cars & Motocross Motorbikes

Purchase an extra adapter and use also for lifting your motorbike

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smart painting table

Smart Painting Table

Paint multiple spare parts at the same time.

Innovative Design & Usage

Wisely developed design to provide real help to the paint shops by including several adapters

Patents & Awards

Patented solution, European and American award for innovations
(Motortec Automechanika in Madrid, SEMA Show in Las Vegas)

Compactness & Portability

Compact light structure, 4 quality caster wheels for smooth movement

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work table

Work Table

Multifunctional portable work table for each body shop or paint shop

Collapsible & Portable

Doesn’t require much space, equipped by 4 caster wheels

Stability & Protection

Solid structure, foam protection to avoid scratches on painted parts

Innovation & Simplicity

Innovative folding design, easy assembly

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Company AUTOLIFT PRODUCTION s.r.o. was established in 2016 to continue with the production and export of the amazing product AUTOLift3000 invented by Jiri Jerabek in early 90th.

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