16. 1. 2019

Each firm providing some services gotta have individual strategies how to raise the frequency or to be more specific, the number of clients. That's clear. Reading between the lines and having a glance over a lots of factors involved, it all comes down to the same. When desired quality of service achieved, you get in a battle with the time. The clock becomes the opponent to beat. Time is money. If you speed up you are on a track leading to progress. Now, that's where you as an entrepreneur wanna be!

AUTOLift3000 & BMW

15. 1. 2019

AUTOLift3000 is compatible with so many brands. Slowely but surely it finds its place all around the globe and we can proudly say that the number of its users increases by an incredible speed ...

AUTOLIFT on Rolex 24 at Daytona

7. 1. 2019

AUTOLIFT will be part of Rolex 24 at Daytona International Speedway in Florida. AUTOLIft3000 with its low heigh in collaps position is the great tool for race cars for quick repair. Let's see how racers at Daytona International Speedway will react. 


4. 1. 2019

Have you ever experienced that kind of crunch time, that specific moment when you simply had to take an action towards unknown and on the other hand lay everything else you've been working on in your life on the line?


30. 10. 2018

We have done a step forward! AUTOLIFT PRODUCTION found distributor that is showing AUTOLift3000 and Up&Down3000 on SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

AUTOLift 3000 available on Amazon

4. 10. 2018

AUTOLift 3000 is available on Amazon for US market. It is fullfiled, so will be very easy to get it. Make your work easy right after couple of days from the order. It is even easier to work on your car!

Buy AUTOLift 3000 on Amazon


Car ownership is gone! As well as drivers? Whats next?

25. 6. 2018

AUTOLIFT is getting prepared for the automotive future!

Where does the automotive trends heading? Is really not owning vehicles on the agenda? Will we really eliminate our freedom? How new school generation perceivce this?

And mainly, what UBER is preparing? 

AUTOLIFT hosted the event in palo Alto, California and invited experts on panel discusion to find insights for the automotive future. 

AUTOLIFT PRODUCTION is the company that brings the solution for car professionals and DIYers. With our products, they can add capacity for a much cheaper cost, products are smaller and faster, the time of work is shorter. US MAC is a tech accelerator located in Silicon Valley (from San Francisco to Menlo Park). We give International tech companies fast and successful access to the US Market. 


AUTOLIFT PRODUCTION awarder on SEMA Show in Las Vegas

9. 11. 2017

Smart Painting Table got a reward on SEMA SHOW taking place in Las Vegas this year! This has done us very proud. The efforts payed off.


13. 10. 2017

AUTOLIFT PRODUCTION is aiming in USA on SEMA Show 2017! Anyone, who would like to see our products personally can stop on our booth# 65130.

October 31 - November 3, 2017, Las Vegas Convention Center, Nevada. In case anyone would like to meet us personally, do not hesitate to contact us, so we can arrange the meeting.

Looking forward to see all end users or interested distributors.