Back to the beginnings of our company ...

Before the change to AUTOLIFT PRODUCTION our company was originally named JH6 spol. s.r.o. The service we were providing initially was the assembly of towing equipment and exhausts for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Lack of time forced our founder Jiří Jeřábek to search for something which would make the installation of pulling devices and exhausts faster and more efficient. Unsuccessful attempts to find a tool which market simply did not offer lead him to the idea. Necessity is the mother of invention. That is how AUTOLift3000 was created.

Users of the AUTOLift3000 keep discovering its potential when it comes to functionality. 


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Our team

Jiří Jeřábek

Product Inventor

Barbora Jeřábková

Founder & CEO

Adam Severa

Chief Marketing Officer

Aiming to achieve ... 

Due to growing demand for our products we tirelessly work to have them available for purchase on all continents

We constantly work on development of new products having as a mission to ease the job you do the most possible

We are proud of the quality of our products as well as of long-term relationships with our business partners