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Handy & Light

Small dimensions and lightness: weighs only 19 kg

Enormous Lifting Capacity & Strength

High lifting capacity 6614 lbs / 3000 kg, strong structure

Usefulness & Functionality

Convenient tool for very small garages or fast services

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Designed For You

The development of this product was based on inquiries from car enthusiasts.
It's suitable for home garages, and indeed as an optional lifting device for professional services.

The greatest advantage of this clever, little helper is the possibility of lifting a car at any solid and sturdy point of the chassis. The vehicle can, therefore, be lifted behind the front and rear axle reinforcements.

Light and Small

Incredibly powerful comparing to its size. Elegantly designed.
A clever choice.

Mechanical Car Jack

Same as AUTOLift3000, this device does not contain any wiring or hydraulics. It's powered by an electric hand drill or cordless drill.

Why choose Up&Down3000


Great for the most common car repairs

Quick tire changing

Convenient for fast fixing of a flat tire

Car hand wash activities

Water and moisture resistant

Marketing purpose

Original display in car showrooms, at trade fairs, useful and advantageous to advertise cars

Technical Parameters

Capacity 3,000 kg / 6,614 lbs
Dimensions 1420 × 300 × 130 mm
56 × 12 × 6 inch
Net Weight 19 kg / 42 lbs
Max. Height 58 cm / 23 inch
Lifting Speed 25 - 30 s

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