Flexibility is the word which describes the best EASYLift1500. This product offers
you the chance to choose among four different adapters depending on the activity
desired to be performed on your car.

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Four different possibilities to use EASYLift1500 

Beam adapter 
lift the vehicle using treshold beam

easy lift treshold

Crotch adapter 
Lift the vehicle using the arm that envelops the wheel 

easy lift wheel adapter


Hook adapter 
Lift the vehicle using towing equipment 


tow adapter

Moto adapter 
Very good access to all parts of the motorcycle and is also suitable for changing engine oil. 

motorbike lift


Practical usage of EASYLift1500

  • Repairs and mechanical work on cars - quick and easy access to your vehicle in which you can work very comfortably  
  • Painting and bodywork
  • Lift off-road motorcycles - comfortable for minor repairs for motocross enthusiasts

EASYLift1500 is recommended for
Car repair shops, tire services, car body shops and car paint shops, home car repair shops, car enthusiasts, and car hand washes.

Technical parameters
Lift Capacity 3307 lbs / 1500 kg
Dimensions 780 x 700 x 1370 mm
30.75 x 27.50 x 54 inch
Weight 59 kg / 130 lbs
Height capacity 93 cm / 36.75 inch
Lift speed 60 s


The biggest advantages 

Usage without the need to build any modifications in your garage

Mobility - the lift is portable and thanks to the castor wheels, it is very easy to move anywhere 

It does not contain any wiring or hydraulics - the mechanical device is powered by an electric hand drill

It does not require any revision - unlike different kind of lifts 

Completely maintenance-free - regular service is not needed

portbale colomn lift