Work Table

It is a portable table for paint shops which provides a good approach for painting all
vehicle parts. A functional product for daily use. * Produced by

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work table

The biggest advantages

A portable, functional table for daily use in paint shops. Collapsible, which makes it very easy to store. Convenient for a more pleasant painting since it allows you to lay each desired car part onto it.

Components of this product:

- 4 castors (2 of them with brakes)
- 8 plastic straps for tightening
- Stand with rubber protectors to prevent scratches

*  produced by AUTOLIFT PRODUCTION Ltd


Technical parameters
Table length 72 cm / 28.50 inch
Table width 40 cm / 15.75 inch
Table hight 80 cm / 31.50 inch
Maximum capacity 80 kg / 176.50 lbs