Jakob Krogh-Mayntzhusen

"I really like the product and it fits to both of my cars. The product is robust and the finish is great. I still need the shorter stands but I was told they should soon get available to purchase as well. I have recommended AUTOLift3000 to my friends."

Fazekas Zoltán from Hungary

"I am a home user.

I use the lifter mainly for oil change and winter-summer wheel change but in the pictures I have done electric parking brake repair of my SANTAFE saving 2300 EUR service fee."

Japan customer Marusi Kawasaki

"I use AUTOLIFT 3000 in cases of: under painting as well as for underbody, muffler and frequent bumper exchanges. 

Usability is good! 

For bigger vehicles such as Lexus, the width is insufficient. 

Small cars are very popular in Japan. In these cases the width is too big. It would be good to make the width adjustable so it can optionally shrink and expand."