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The Original Tilting Car Lift

AUTOLift 3000

AUTOLift3000 is the most convenient lifting solution for virtually any garage, repair shop, or detailing center.

There’s no need to squeeze under your car on a creeper anymore or perch your vehicle precariously on a hand jack.
Instead of using dangerous, outdated methods for lifting a vehicle, use the industry’s first portable tilting vehicle car jack, AUTOLift3000. Join more than 20,000 satisfied mechanics on all continents. You’ll save time and make work on any vehicle safe and easy. Every car enthusiast or mechanic will appreciate product's versatility.

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Why to Choose AUTOLift3000

  • The AUTOLift3000 has a lifting capacity of 6,614 lbs or 3,000 kg.
  • It takes less than 30 seconds to lift to full height (23.5 inch/60 cms).
  • It’s completely maintenance free. The AUTOLift3000 is fully mechanical and does not require annual inspections, maintenance, or permanent installation.
  • At just 99 lbs it can be handled and stowed by just one person.
  • It’s completely portable with a low 4.5-inch profile when fully collapsed. It can be hanged on the wall hangers that are included in the package.
  • The AUTOLift3000 can be used indoors and outdoors. It’s water resistant and can even be used on uneven surfaces when properly set up with the provided set of rails.
  • Every AUTOLift3000 portable car lift comes with a no-nonsense 3-year product warranty, and 1-year warranty on accessories.
  • The AUTOLift3000 tilts on a center axis to provide easy access to either the front or the rear. By using a vehicle’s own mass, the tilting of a car can be done safely by a single person.
  • AUTOLift3000 is available in 80 countries with more than 20,000 units sold and delivered.

    It’s designed, manufactured and assembled in Europe in an ISO 9001:2015 certified factory. Each product is carefully tested and comes with a production certificate.

    AUTOLift3000 is being actively used by one of the largest European automotive company.

  • Say goodbye to cords. The AUTOLift3000 uses just an electrical drill (not included in the package) to lift and lower the car jack. There’s no need for an air compressor or messy air lines.
    AUTOLift3000 is a portable strictly mechanical vehicle lift that has no pneumatic or hydraulic components.


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Who Uses AUTOLift3000

  • With AUTOLift3000 you can execute all types of repairs on passenger and small utility vehicles up to weight 3000 kg/6614 lbs (e.g. oil changes, repairs and changes of brakes, shock absorbers, clutch, chassis etc.). Speed car repair shops appreciate its simplicity and speed. Entire vehicle can be inspected very easily on almost any surface.
  • The AUTOLift3000 can fully replace the classical car jacks used in tire shops. You can fix the AUTOLift3000 in a horizontal position with the attached jack stand and work on 4 wheels at the same time.
  • The AUTOLift3000 was invented in 1990s to reduce the time required for the tow-bar assemble. Thanks to the possibility to tilt the vehicle, we cut the work time in half. While mounting the tow-bars to a car, the mechanic has to work both inside the trunk (installation of the electrical cables) as well as under the car (to install the hitch itself). During these assemblies, the car has to be lifted multiple times, which AUTOLift3000 greatly accelerates thanks to the tipping capability. Our product is therefore very popular in these centers.
  • Changing tires or engine oil in the comfort of your own garage will become your hobby. With the help of the AUTOLift3000 lifting device, you can conveniently carry out any minor repairs or refinishing on your car. Home mechanics are delighted with the many uses of the AUTOLift3000!
  • AUTOLift3000 provides access to those hard-to-reach areas in a vehicle’s undercarriage and wheel wells. The lift tilts both front and rear to expose tough grime. And because AUTOLift3000 is water resistant, there’s no concern about seizing or corrosion.
  • It’s the ideal backup when a vehicle lift is down for repairs or maintenance, or for overflow repairs. Increase your shop’s productivity by using AUTOLift3000 for pre-inspections, reduce customers' wait time for repairs.
  • Whether you’re painting door sills, applying rock guard or touching up frame rails, it’s the perfect addition to painting booths of all kinds. With special rails included, it can be used on uneven floors or grates. When it’s not needed, it stores in a neat and compact package.
  • Show off your inventory on the showroom floor, or let your customers inspect the underside of a car while shopping. AUTOLift3000 doesn’t take up precious showroom space, but it certainly does add to the shopping experience!
  • Accessing hard-to-reach locations is a thing of the past. Stretch vinyl wraps into all the tough spots faster and without the hassle with AUTOLift3000. Now you can position the car however it’s convenient and thus reduce costly mistakes and speed up the application time.

100% Customer Satisfaction

  • Septimiu Lapusan Glendale AZ

    It's an unbelievable tool for a small garage or a small business. I saw this product 2 years ago and I had to have it. Finally its here!!! Great European quality and workmanship!!!

  • Bob Jones Pennsylvania, US

    The package arrived today, has been assembled and works great. Very happy with the product and will use often when the weather gets warmer.

  • Marusi Kawasaki Japan

    Usability is great!
    I use AUTOLIFT 3000 in cases of: under painting as well as for underbody, muffler and frequent bumper exchanges.

  • Adam AchsCanada

    In the past few months it has met or even exceeded my expectations in every step of the way, and I have used it on a variety of vehicles already.

  • Peter Colorado, US

    We wouldn't be able to do our job without AUTOLift3000. It's easily one of our service shop's most important tools now. We're a small shop with very limited space, so the fact it stores so well is a huge plus...

  • Scott US

    I am extremely satisfied with this investment in a well built tool. The lift is very compact as it folds down flat and hangs vertically, and setup takes a quick minute or so and you are ready to work...

And thousands more..

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Technical Parameters

Capacity 3,000 kg / 6,614 lbs
Dimensions 1635 x 1300 x 115 mm
64.5 x 51.25 x 4.50 inch
Net Weight 45 kg / 99 lbs
Max. Height 60 cm / 23,50 inch
Lifting Speed 25 - 30 s
Platform Width 1300 mm - 1650 mm
51.18 - 64.96 inch

Accessories (included in the package)

  • Used for lifting cars with fragile plastic beams

  • Drill adapter is designed as a breakable accessory (when the maximum height of the AUTOLift3000 is accidentally exceeded, the adapter breaks to protect the lift). 4 pcs of this accessory are included in the basic package

  • To be used while the AUTOLift3000 is lifted up, do not forget to remove the safety pin before lowering the car.

  • Hang the AUTOLift3000 on the wall in your garage

  • Stones, sand, grass or any other uneven surface under the car? No problem, just install the rails and you are ready to go. The rails also protect floors you don’t want to scratch.

  • Safety accessory to be used under a chosen side of a vehicle when lifted up. Do not forget to remove the jack stand before lowering the car.

How To Use

There are no air lines nor power cords needed to operate. Take advantage of the first tilting car lift available for any personal or commercial garage.

AUTOLift3000 is extremely easy to use. There’s no installation required, no special tools to buy, and no complicated instructions.

It’s portable and can be used anywhere. You don’t need compressed air, and there are no wires to worry about. The whole lifting device is operated by an electric drill (or a strong cordless drill). The only moment you need other tools is the initial assembly of the AUTOLift3000.

More information in User Manual

Get more time to pay.

Now offering the option for deferred payment or later repayment.

(Tax included)
  • Free shipping
  • 3-Year warranty
  • 30-days refund
  • 6 types of accessories included
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Ships on 2024-07-22


  • The maximum homologated capacity of the AUTOLift3000 is 6,614 lbs/3000 kg. Do not exceed the maximum certified capacity.
  • Only electrical drills. All tools having hits (e.g. impact gun/air tool) are forbidden to be used with the AUTOLift3000. Required torque 309 inch-lb or 25 ft-lb.
  • The tool can only be used with unibody passenger cars, which trucks typically are NOT. The car must also not exceed the maximum capacity weight of 6,614 lbs and have a ground clearance less than the height of the folded product (otherwise, you will need to use the race ramps).
  • For as long as needed (weeks, months, a year).
  • Please feel free to contact our customer service (
  • You have to make an effort to tilt the car when lifted from the car’s center of gravity. The car cannot tilt itself unless you remove any heavy parts from the lifted car (e.g. engine, gear box, clutch). For such work the car must always be fixed by the jack stand.
  • Do not worry and just try! If the lifted passenger car has the engine in the front, put the gearboxes about 4" (10 cm) from the wheels. Lift it up a little bit and see if you can tilt the car easily. If not, lower the car back and move the AUTOLift3000 more to the center of gravity.
    It's fun!
  • It depends whether the plastic parts are attached to the chassis (as e.g. MB CLA). If the plastic beams are not attached to the chassis, use beam pads. Before using the product, ensure no fragile parts can be damaged. The producer is not responsible for any damages caused by incorrect usage of the AUTOLift3000.
  • The maximum width of the AUTOLift3000 is 62"/158 cm.
  • The product does not require maintenance, however before using, visually inspect all components to ensure nothing has been damaged (e.g. during shipment). If used correctly, it has been proven that the product can last for over 20 years.
  • Yes. AUTOLift3000 is covered with a 3-year warranty.
  • Yes, we have distributors and service centers worldwide. Please contact our customer service when any support is needed (