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Autolift3000 Accessories

AUTOLift3000 Premium

6 types of accessories included

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Ships on 2024-05-30

Accessories Detail

(Not to be sold separately)
  • Used for lifting cars with fragile plastic beams

  • Drill adapter is designed as a breakable accessory (when the maximum height of the AUTOLift3000 is accidentally exceeded, the adapter breaks to protect the lift). 4 pcs of this accessory are included in the basic package

  • To be used while the AUTOLift3000 is lifted up, do not forget to remove the safety pin before lowering the car.

  • Hang the AUTOLift3000 on the wall in your garage

  • Stones, sand, grass or any other uneven surface under the car? No problem, just install the rails and you are ready to go. The rails also protect floors you don’t want to scratch.

  • Safety accessory to be used under a chosen side of a vehicle when lifted up. Do not forget to remove the jack stand before lowering the car.


  • The maximum homologated capacity of the AUTOLift3000 is 6,614 lbs/3000 kg. Do not exceed the maximum certified capacity.
  • Only electrical drills. All tools having hits (e.g. impact gun/air tool) are forbidden to be used with the AUTOLift3000. Required torque 309 inch-lb or 25 ft-lb.
  • The tool can only be used with unibody passenger cars, which trucks typically are NOT. The car must also not exceed the maximum capacity weight of 6,614 lbs and have a ground clearance less than the height of the folded product (otherwise, you will need to use the race ramps).
  • For as long as needed (weeks, months, a year).
  • Please feel free to contact our customer service (
  • You have to make an effort to tilt the car when lifted from the car’s center of gravity. The car cannot tilt itself unless you remove any heavy parts from the lifted car (e.g. engine, gear box, clutch). For such work the car must always be fixed by the jack stand.
  • Do not worry and just try! If the lifted passenger car has the engine in the front, put the gearboxes about 4" (10 cm) from the wheels. Lift it up a little bit and see if you can tilt the car easily. If not, lower the car back and move the AUTOLift3000 more to the center of gravity.
    It's fun!
  • It depends whether the plastic parts are attached to the chassis (as e.g. MB CLA). If the plastic beams are not attached to the chassis, use beam pads. Before using the product, ensure no fragile parts can be damaged. The producer is not responsible for any damages caused by incorrect usage of the AUTOLift3000.
  • The maximum width of the AUTOLift3000 is 62"/158 cm.
  • The product does not require maintenance, however before using, visually inspect all components to ensure nothing has been damaged (e.g. during shipment). If used correctly, it has been proven that the product can last for over 20 years.
  • Yes. AUTOLift3000 is covered with a 3-year warranty.
  • Yes, we have distributors and service centers worldwide. Please contact our customer service when any support is needed (